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Every human deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

A passionate teaching artist, I lead by listening; learning where each student is on their journey and adapting the support I can give accordingly. I emphasize collaboration as the key to success, with respect and understanding at the core of every lesson. With dedication, attention to detail, and flexibility, I strive to serve my community and empower artists of all ages and backgrounds.
Educator Resume


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In Action

Video Highlights from Mill Mountain Theatre Conservatory, West End Center for Youth, Roanoke City Public Schools, and Director's Fest.

During Spring of 2022, I was grateful to teach outreach courses in partnership with Roanoke City Public Schools! Workshops included movement for the actor and musical theatre dance.

In Action


"His enthusiasm, positive attitude, and commitment to the production experience was inspiring and uplifting. He was patient and encouraging… demonstrating and explaining as many times as (students) needed to “get it”. Which was sometimes a lot of times. But he never gave up on them. He was, is, and will be an excellent teacher." - Kathleen Conery (Costume Shop Manager, James Madison University)

“He is humble about his skills and experiences, but once he is in the classroom it quickly becomes apparent that he has all of the tools and talents necessary to teach, and he does so very well. He is intuitive about the needs of each student and of the classroom as a whole, and he is skilled at both lesson planning for those needs and improvising on the fly to make sure they are met if something needs to go off-script. He is a passionate, hard-working self-starter, an excellent team player, a wonderful educator - and he is only just beginning! I cannot recommend Josh highly enough.”  - Victoria Buck (Director of Education, Mill Mountain Theatre)
"Josh exceeded at listening to students and providing optimistic, encouraging feedback." "He felt more like a peer than a harsh teacher."- Students of MMT Conservatory
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